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The Capacity to Succeed

We work with organisations to provide integrated insights into all the ‘people’ factors that impinge on sustaining great financial performance and delivering a great experience to key stakeholders. We have a global track record of delivering great Change Consultancy projects, including:

  • Facilitating the development of new business models for a highly successful bank in the Middle East, including follow up analysis and recommendations
  • Developing a structure of strategically aligned role definitions, for an international business, mapped to governance and decision making protocols
  • Establishing ‘collaboration’ models for a global procurement company
  • Delivering actionable recommendations through engagement research for a large public sector organisation
  • Developing and implementing a major change strategy for a bank seriously impacted by the 2008 crash

Our approach

Our approach is focused in working in close partnership with key stakeholders. We are not a company driven by off-the-shelf solutions; our approach is diagnostic, collaborative and innovative. ‘Diagnostic’ – so that all the issues are on the table; ‘Collaborative’ – so that key stakeholders can develop deep understanding and involvement in the solutions being generated and  feel committed to them and ‘innovative’ as organisational effectiveness is driven by inventive responses to dynamic changes in any organisation’s ‘market  place’. 

What we do

  • Consultancy-led quantitative and qualitative diagnostic people research
  • Change communication via narrative strategies
  • Collaboration strategies and other Organisation Development initiatives
  • Strategy led re-structuring, role definition
  • Business model development via a Business Model Approach
  • People strategy development – via our ’People Canvas’ model
  • Scorecard and performance management consultancy

"We have all come away from this programme with a new energy and empowerment to be the proactive leaders Oracle needs as we continue to grow in complexity through acquisition. I recommend this programme for other Oracle leaders".

Technology Insight Director, Oracle

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