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Do you have the bench-strength to win?

Evaluation and Assessment

We offer an award-winning evaluation and assessment process. This helps you to identify the bench-strength in strategically critical groups of people (i.e. Leaders, Top Teams, Sales Forces) or to assess potential new recruits to ensure that they will deliver what you need.

Through our 'Discovery' Evaluation Process we provide an objective, incisive insight into an organisations' critical people. The ability to diagnose bench-strength amongst a group of managers is a crucial aspect of transformational change. (Read the Leadership Discovery case study.) Having a realistic assessment of capability and contribution is also essential for new recruits - helping you to make smart decisions and to accelerate their impact when joining.

Our approach

There are five elements to our approach which can be adapted to meet almost any organisational need.  The end-to-end process, blends the strategic requirements of the organisation with in-depth understanding of what really drives performance to enable focused, effective follow-up action.

What we do

  • Define Success Criteria defines the critical factors that enable outstanding performance aligned to your strategic goals and industry benchmarks
  • Develop an Evaluation Toolkit – via Psychometric Profiles, Scenarios, Role Plays, Exercises and Feedback from other parties
  • Evaluation Session – this structured session/interview is led by one of the Apter Business Psychologist team, often with a line manager/business expert
  • Evaluation Report – focused individual report based on the success criteria, exploring development needs and performance potential
  • Senior Management Review & Action– exploring the talent within the organisation whilst also looking in-depth at deployment decisions and development strategies.

(Read the Sales Force Discovery case study.)

Sales Discovery

We also offer an assessment / evaluation approach specifically designed for sales / business development / relationship managers.

"…a leadership development programme…  that helped to redefine the organisation."

(referring to the Boots Company) Rosie Blau, People Management

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