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Equipping leaders and leadership teams to make a step-change in performance

Executive Coaching - Our approach

Our approach is developed from the strong foundations that business psychology now offers when it is combined with the experience and insights gained from working with executives at the highest levels (CEO) of an organisation. All Apter Development coaches will be educated to Masters level, Principal Psychologists with the Association for Business Psychology, and have more than 7 years experience coaching senior leaders.  Essentially our coaching is about ‘transitions’; transitions into a new:

  • role or to lead difficult challenges in a current role
  • organisation or function
  • approach to leadership eg. where greater levels of collaboration are required
  • change project or change agenda
  • relationship to work eg, greater resilience, portfolio working, self employment etc..
Our approach is based on the belief that sustainable high performance - when leadership hits the sweet spot of authenticity and ‘fit’ - is when an individual meets the expectations of the organisation or the situation they are in AND are able to work from their own strengths, needs and values.

What we do

We offer a number of tailored one-to-one packages which:
  • Can be delivered face-to-face or remotely through Skype etc.
  • Offer opportunities for 360 surveys or in depth Psychometric profiling
  • Use techniques drawn from a variety of perspectives
  • Employ ‘personal experiments’ as a means of developing self-awareness and establishing new behaviours and techniques.
Apter Development can deliver coaching for single clients or for a group of managers, where an organisation is driving culture or behaviour change across the business. Our experience is with organisations of less than a 100 up to large global entities. We also have a number of international clients and approximately 50% of our work is international.

Team and Leadership Workout Facilitation - Our approach

We work with teams and leadership groups to ‘unblock’ the free flow of ideas and insights; creating a climate of mutual commitment and trust, to build focus and a sense of shared identity. In doing this we may have to raise and tackle ongoing issues that have inhibited performance for some time. We help groups discover the trapped potential and possibility that exists amongst themselves.

We challenge assumptions and encourage innovation. We are intensely practical; we are driven to make sure people have a clear sense of what they individually should do as a result of this intervention and have a mandate to do it!

We have established a reputation for being business focused and our the strategy and change agenda of the organisation is always embedded in what we do.

What we do

Whether we are running an off-site for a small team; a work-out for a group of managers or using a larger, one-day conference, format we have a variety of tools and techniques aimed at:
  • Improving the quality of dialogue – quite often, for various reasons, people do not feel able to contribute. Good dialogue delivers insights and shared understanding. It is achieved when people feel safe and motivated
  • Realising potential – teams and larger groups are often ‘stuck’ with assumptions and limiting beliefs about what is possible, often arising from the leadership style of the team itself and the culture it creates. We create an environment where possibilities flow.
  • Transforming problem solving – our view is that nothing better demonstrates the culture of an organisation than the way decisions are made. Our approach enables great decisions on the day and an ongoing transformation of the way key decisions are taken. 
  • Raising leadership commitment – any intervention is pointless unless it addresses how change is to be brought about amongst a wider group of stakeholders. We work with you to gain commitment to practical actions and role modelling behaviours.
The formats of our interventions include: senior team off-sites, workouts and conferences. Our experience is multi-cultural and international and includes work with major financial institutions, large public sector and government organisations, IT, FCMG, Transport; ‘Bid Teams’ as well as the organisations in the SME sector. Our work in executive coaching is often integrated with this.

“The significant change in mind-set where managers now work more cohesively together and are willing to challenge effectively is resulting in Weetabix Supply Operations becoming increasingly capable of delivering a change agenda resulting in a measurable improvement in performance.”

Director Supply Operations, The Weetabix Food Company

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