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A comprehensive development programme (recognised by the Institute of Leadership and Management) which includes five core modules and an optional 360 degree profile. These can be delivered as a 5 day programme or in combinations of modules over a period of time. It is practical, aligned to organisational challenges, inspirational and proven to deliver real organisational and business benefits.

Leaders Learn Best by Doing

Advance is an intensive rehearsal of the real challenges your managers face; it blends the lastest insights from performance psychology, coaching and experiential learning to provide a development experience with real-time feedback and support.  It allows managers to focus on those things that make the essential difference to their performance.  

Along with the 5 modules described below, we also offer a range of additional options (e.g. Working Collaboratively, Personal Impact, Change Management, Resilience) to ensure you can address your specific needs and build the capability you need.

The five core modules are:

  • Self: focuses on building self-awareness and self-confidence to enable greater self-management.  Participants will create a compelling leadership vision together with clarity and commitment to the development journey.  This enables them to take more individual accountability and to be proactive as a leader and manager.

  • Team: focuses on how teams are developed and maintained.  Participants will explore how to create the conditions for excellent performance, coaching to develop individuals and teams and how to successfully confront poor performance.

  • Network: recognising the growing ‘networking imperative’ which needs to encompass both internal and external networks.  Participants learn how to build influence and impact through positive relationships and conversations, including the essential skill of collaborating effectively across boundaries.

  • Challenge: a key element of learning is the opportunity to experiment, rehearse and test at an individual and team level.  The Leadership Challenge is an adventurous and novel way to apply learning and gain instant and powerful feedback on leadership and management performance.  This creates an agenda for the next stage of development and provides a compelling experience that engages and deepens the sense of community.

  • Business: all managers need to understand the core business model.  Participants develop their knowledge and understand of how the organisation creates value and what their role is in building a great organisation and operationalizing the strategy.  This includes developing commercial insight and recognising threats and opportunities. 

    (Download the Advance information sheet here and a recent Case Study here)





“The significant change in mind-set where managers now work more cohesively together and are willing to challenge effectively is resulting in Weetabix Supply Operations becoming increasingly capable of delivering a change agenda resulting in a measurable improvement in performance.”

Director Supply Operations, The Weetabix Food Company

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