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Executive Women Thinking Together

The issue of lack of women at the most senior level is often in the news. The great and worthy are lining themselves up to champion the cause.  The aim is to get senior exec /board representation up to 30%. It’s probably not going to happen anytime soon!  

The real question seems to us is ‘why the population of women at middle level leadership positions in an organisation is so small?’ Many of the reasons are well documented - the implicit and explicit sexism of many larger organisations, the struggle with balancing a role in which women still major as the family carers etc.

Is something else is going on as well? Corporate life is not necessarily such a great job – not just for the usual reasons such as the long hours, un-family friendly holidays etc, but in itself. Getting anything actually done in a large organisation is almost inevitably tedious, long winded and the decision making often arcane and arbitrary. In so many ways a middle ranking role is a daily reminder of what it feels like to feel powerless.  Compare this to the creative, decisive world of running or working in a smaller more entrepreneurial business. And it seems that women are better at it than men.

Women may feel that they have more choices and have the courage to make those choices.  The provocative proposition that arises here is that if organisations wish to capture the talent and energy of at least half the population they might wish consider how to make the work they offer a damn sight more interesting!

Apter Development is gathering together groups of successful women in leadership positions, in small facilitated groups of about 6. Marie Shelton and Maggi Evans will then lead conversations to explore how talented women can flourish most effectively in organisations to the benefit of themselves and the organisations they work for.