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Advance Hints and Tips - Leading your business - insight

1. Know what’s going on

Keep your eye on what’s happening in your market or industry – subscribe to a weekly summary, and read it!

2. Share what you know

Encourage the team to talk about what’s going on in the business and the market – have this as a regular slot in your meetings and expect everyone to make a contribution

3. Be proactive

Don’t wait for a change to hit before you act, identify a key change that will affect your market and be ready for it,  develop a plan and start acting now!

 4. Play ‘what if?’

Talk with the team about different scenarios – things that could happen in the market or the business and how you  could respond – this can encourage creative thinking – and you might develop some great ideas that you could use now

5. Future proofing

Make future proofing part of what you do everyday – make sure that all proposals and business cases include a section on how this will meet future needs – and any risks that need to be managed


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