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Advance Hints and Tips - Leading the Business - Focus

1. Keep your eye on performance

Remember to set up and maintain key performance measures so you and your team know how well you’re doing against the things that matter most

2. Use your resources

Think about your people, systems and processes – are they working efficiently? What changes could you make to use them better all of the time?

3. Make time for future actions

Diarise time to make sure you’re working on important things for tomorrow as well as things for today.  If you don’t do this you risk getting caught in a trap of constant firefighting...

4. Spend money as if it were your own

Are you and your team making the best commercial decisions? A good test is to ask yourself and others, ‘If it were your money, would you do it?’

5. Customer, customer, customer

We all know customer is king, but do you act on that?  Be they internal or external customers check with them regularly to make sure you know what they value and want to change about your service

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