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Miracles take a little longer...

The importance of developing talent is increasingly understood and promoted by CEOs; companies that don't develop leaders, don't sustainably perform.   

There still needs to be greater confidence amongst CEOs that leadership and management development lifts performance and when carried out properly, will deliver immediate and long term sustainable results.

Research conducted by OpinionMatters on behalf of Skillsoft, on 500 CEOs from various industry sectors, consistently found that CEOs are beginning to place an emphasis on the value of learning and development. This is great, however, nearly half of the CEOs interviewed said that the length of a course was more important than content and that the format of the delivery was largely irrelevant. 

Now this is worrying. OK, time away from the job is of course an issue but this demonstrates the need for a shift in focus towards the benefits of learning and development and how crucial the format is when selecting a programme that will deliver true value.

Short sharp interventions may work for the development of knowledge or specific technical skills but where it is behaviour that needs to change and a collaborative culture that needs to be created, then critical aspects such as practice, rehearsal and real time feedback kick in. Skimping on this is likely to make the training intervention much less useful; would a football manager cut back on practicing ground drills or a theatre director cancel rehearsals to save money? Employees need to be given the tools to recognise what makes the essential difference in their everyday performance.  Time to rehearse, practice and refine skills makes for a star performance and will lead to:

  • A workforce that will drive results through working to the best of their ability
  • Identifying new routes to market
  • An empowered workforce that will accelerate and proactively drive profitability

FYI Advance from Apter Development is a unique programme that focusses on delivering the results that businesses require through intensive rehearsal of the real challenges that managers face. It delivers a practical robust route to liberating leadership capability, delivering a “leadership community” capable of delivering the performance that businesses require to succeed.  As well as the core need to “Lead Yourself” effectively, Advance covers Leading a Team, Leading the Business and Leading through a Network.  Providing CEOs with a confident, competent workforce that will drive the business forward

So in short, the time spent on the Advance programme becomes irrelevant in comparison to the impact and benefits of the long term results.

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