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Leadership as an Adventure

For many years, Apter Development have worked with Stephen Venables, the first Briton to climb Everest without the support of supplementary oxygen. We therefore were delighted to be co-sponsors, with Rolex, of the 25th Anniversary Reunion of this remarkable event which remains in our minds the best example of collective leadership. The following article first appeared in the brochure at the Anniversary event which was held at The Royal Geographical Society.


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Philip Lindsay on 12th April 2013

I think that the Apter association with Stephen is great - and can personally attest to the long-term relationship and the value that the interplay (based upon experience in some of the most extreme environments imaginable) has produced over the years to inform both leadership thinking and leadership practice - and the link to 'what most of us do'! Several years ago, I was struck by Stephen's comments upon the importance of leadership when 'coming down the mountain' as so many challenges are faced after the adrenaline boost of success and so many 'accidents' happen after the success itself. In our turbulent economic times, I think that it is worth remembering the importance and skills of leadership required to 'come down the hill', regroup and re-motivate before tackling the next 'peak'. And I wonder how many of our leaders are equipped to lead people 'down' as well as 'up'.

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