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Coalitions and Collaborations and Thinking Together

The fractious state of the current UK governing coalition might be seen as a good argument against the idea of collaboration; the idea that a diversity of ideas and wisdom shared in a common cause can achieve great results and in this case revive the UK economy.  The relative failure of the coalition so far highlights a pre-condition of effective collaboration that must be met; the criticality of creating an environment in which people can think creatively together and identify high value initiatives which all participants are committed to pursuing.

It is this thinking together where everyone is prepared to take the risk to change their minds from previous positions and perspectives that is critical. This may not be possible, with political parties embedded in history, ideology and prejudice, but with organisations and their leaders it is both possible and necessary. Working with leadership teams all over the world we have been struck time and again by the massive potential effective collaboration offers.

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Andrew Kerry on 9th October 2012

An interesting aspect of this need for collaboration is the way in which 'competitors' need to collaborate. This might be to bid for contracts or run services or through individuals working together but knowing that promotion opportunities iwll be few. How can people be colletitive (I made this word up!) to dleiver shared outcomes and individual success...

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