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Coping an entrepreneurial approach

Tough times. Uncertain worlds. Turbulence.  Constant change. How do we cope, and how do we flourish? Sage and useful advice from the prayer of Alcoholics Anonymous: (God grant me the courage to change things I can, and the serenity to accept the things I cannot)  to Stephen Covey’s Circles of Influence, encourage  us to cope by paying attention to the things we can control and shape and ‘Letting Go’ of the beyond us.

As I said good advice. But is coping merely about having the ‘serenity’ to accept the things that can’t be changed? The usual advice is some stress management activity based on the rationale “if you can’t control the situation you need to control your reaction to it”. This can take the negative form of drinking too much or much more meditative, mindfulness practices.

But perhaps there is a third way between controlling the situation and controlling your reaction – perhaps there is a whole raft of possibilities around how you might be involved in terms of contribution, behaviour, and skill development.

Change and uncertainty disrupts the normal rules; disturbs expectations and  breaks down barriers. In these conditions an entrepreneurial approach to coping, seeks to exploit these opportunities to fashion a more rewarding and sustainable approach to managing oneself, and leading others in volatile conditions. An entrepreneurial approach in which you realise there are choices you can take in terms of the way, where and how you contribute. An entrepreneurial approach to coping realises the potential for personal negotiation in a change situation.

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