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Director, Miller Brands

“We knew we had some talented managers but Apter Development really managed to reveal their full potential.”

Director Supply Operations, The Weetabix Food Company

“The significant change in mind-set where managers now work more cohesively together and are willing to challenge effectively is resulting in Weetabix Supply Operations becoming increasingly capable of delivering a change agenda resulting in a measurable improvement in performance.”

Programme participant

"… Apter's techniques do unlock talent and help individuals fulfil their potential. They help you knock down the barriers to success (which are usually self-imposed). They also use adventure as a method to reach your goals - which is creative and a lot of fun."

David Callaghan, SVP & UK Country Leader, Oracle

"What is particularly good for me about this programme is focusing on change and collaboration.  The other thing I like about it is it’s potential and the potential we have."

Technology Insight Director, Oracle

"We have all come away from this programme with a new energy and empowerment to be the proactive leaders Oracle needs as we continue to grow in complexity through acquisition. I recommend this programme for other Oracle leaders".

(referring to the Boots Company) Rosie Blau, People Management

"…a leadership development programme…  that helped to redefine the organisation."

HR Director, The Orders of St John Care Trust

“Findings were presented back to us in such a focussed and powerful way that it has helped the business enormously in  prioritising what needs to be done to improve recruitment and retention of care staff.”

Stuart Pugh, Operations Director UK

"… the Apter team worked with my middle managers. The feedback from them was great and the training has delivered tangible results in higher engagement scores across the team which in turn has led to improved customer satisfaction.  These are not the sham gurus who are all show but no depth.  Apter know their stuff and deliver it in a way that people really respond to. Its not a five minute feel good fix, but delivery that delivers sustainable results."

Director, Group Sales Development, The Economist

"I don’t know of any other consultancy that could compete with the Apter offer as it is bespoke and insightful. They made a real effort to get under the skin of the business: they listened and worked hard to create an intervention that had real impact."

James Armstrong, Aftersales Director, Scania (GB) Ltd

"Apter’s focus on performance and business context and the stimulating and challenging approach, has helped managers to renew their focus and momentum for change.  We can all see how benefits are starting to accrue.  This programme has had a profound effect on  people both as business managers and personally."