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We are rightly proud of our development faculty which is founded on shared values, history and ambition. We are all leading experts and high achievers in our own right. Clients consistently tell us that our faculty is special and that it makes our interventions both memorable and successful.
  • We tend to be qualified to at least Masters level, and include doctoral and professorial members. Collectively, we have internationally renowned experts, published in the fields of psychology, statistics, organisational development, personal development, adventure and sport.
  • We have equally strong professional qualifications, expertise and experience, including at chartered level.
  • We have a very strong business background with both consulting and board level experience.
  • Our faculty is an unusual bunch of high achievers in fields additional to their professional lives.

Our Senior Partners

Marie Shelton and Steve Carter have been working together to bring excellence, intelligence and excitement to the development of leadership in organisations for over 20 years.  Together they are a formidable team!  They bring their expertise in the development of people in organisations and each bring a sprinkling of something else.

Steve Carter - Senior Partner

An international management and organisational development consultant and coach.  Provocative, insightful and grounded in the realities of business life. Steve was a board member of the Association of Business Psychologists and former Head of Management Development at the Chartered Management Institute.  Author of 5 books, numerous articles and a regular speaker at executive briefings and conferences.

Marie Shelton - Senior Partner

Marie is an international leadership development consultant and coach; particularly known for helping others to develop the awareness and confidence needed to be better leaders whilst keeping focussed on critical business issues. When coaching, she does not shy away from 'the truth', nor tippy-toe around issues; she is a calm, insightful influence.  Ahe is obsessive about creating the very best development interventions for the people and organisations she works with.