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We have a reputation

Our reputation is based upon a combination of a relentless focus on performance, a track record of new ideas, and the ability to build and sustain great relationships with the people we work with.

Whether our contribution is leadership development, coaching, consultancy, or research we strive to get to the heart of performance.

Our approach is bespoke; grounded in deep business experience, and credible scientific research into understanding motivation, behaviour and performance.

The creative and spirited world of Apter Development has helped to transform the thinking and behaviour of leaders, managers, and employees across a rich diversity of organisations. 

The performance focus of our approach is captured in the Performance Equation and Performance Cycle.  

The Performance Equation puts all the issues that need to be considered in the development of leadership and team performance (ability, mindset, and opportunity) on the table at the same time.

The Performance Cycle is a well researched, practical process that moves people from understanding to action.


"…a leadership development programme…  that helped to redefine the organisation."

(referring to the Boots Company) Rosie Blau, People Management

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